Episcopal Church of the Messiah, Baltimore, Maryland



Food Pantry

Messiah collects and distributes food to neighbors in need on an ongoing basis. Food is distributed on Tuesdays between 9:30 and 11:30 AM. Donations may be dropped off at the church on Sunday mornings or during office hours. Please call ahead if you would like to make a large donation.

Port Recovery

Port Recovery is an organization based in Hamilton dedicated to helping people working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Messiah supports the efforts of Port Recovery and its nonprofit subsidiary, The Ragpicker, Inc., in two ways: Messiah clergy and laypeople visit a Port Recovery group home on Wednesday evenings to conduct a study and reflection group program called Faith Matters. Messiah also collects donations of household good for use at the house. Donations may be left in the labelled box in Messiah’s Tower Room. If you would like to participate in the Faith Matters program, please see Fr. Tim+ for details. 

Blanket Ministry

Messiah’s blanket ministry produces crocheted blankets for distribution to people in need. Individuals donate 12 x 12 crochet squares, which are then stitched together to make full-size blankets. The blankets are then blessed during Sunday morning worship and given to service organizations for distribution. If you would like to participate, simply crochet 12 x 12 squares out of acrylic yarn and leave them in the designated basket in Messiah’s Tower Room. If you need help getting started, please contact Anne and Vince Vanneman (

  1. Food Pantry Distribution: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 AM

  2. Faith Matters at Port Recovery: Wednesdays at 6:00

  3. Moveable Feast dessert donations: First Sunday of every month

  4. Boy Scout Troop 161 meetings: Sundays at 5:30 PM

  5. Women’s Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

  6. Narcotics Anonymous meeting: Thursdays at 7:30 PM

Schedule of Ministries

Moveable Feast

Each month, Messiah donates homemade desserts to Moveable Feast, a charitable organization that supplies meals to homebound patients living with AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Please bring your donated desserts on the first Sunday of each month. Portions should be individually wrapped and left in Messiah’s kitchen for delivery to Moveable Feast. For more information, please contact Carol Waldhauser (  

Boy Scout Troop 161

Messiah charters Boy Scout Troop 161, which operates out of our building and meets in the parish hall at 5:30 every Sunday. Troop 161 is very active throughout the year and has made a remarkable difference in the lives of many boys during its more than 85 years at Messiah. 

Twelve-Step Programs

Messiah supports the recovery efforts of the many people who are working  hard to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Messiah hosts two meetings each week. A women’s Alcoholics Anonymous group meets at 7:00 on Wednesdays, and a Narcotics Anonymous group meets at 7:30 on Thursdays.

Earth Pulse Yoga

Earth Pulse Yoga is an innovative church studio offering programs which unify, uplift, and enlighten, while supporting both the collective and the individual.  Through yoga, each student realizes their unique gifts.  One student may be gifted in flexibility, one in strength, another in balance.  The class learns from these individuals and is inspired by them.  The class, undoubtedly, is also inspired by the student who struggles in all aspects of the yogic practice, but comes time and again with an open heart and a simple love of the practice. Learn more at

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