Journey to Adulthood

Young people in grades 6-9 are invited to participate in Messiah’s Journey to Adulthood: Rite 13 group at 9:00 AM on Sundays.   

During our meetings, we’ll explore our faith and our relationships with God, one another, and the world around us. We’ll study scripture, talk about our lives, ask questions, look for answers, and have fun along the way.

We’ll also participate in some of the events offered by the Diocese of Maryland Youth Missioner’s Office

New people are welcome to join at any time or just drop by for a visit. We’d love to meet you. Just like all of our events, programs, and services at Messiah, all are welcome, no exceptions.  

If you have questions or want to learn more, send us ane-mail or contact the church office.


Journey to Adulthood is a spiritual formation program for young people.

“Spiritual Formation” means learning by engaging in Christian practices and then reflecting on them afterwards. This “doing” and “reflecting” helps us to “form” young people in the faith. Instead of just talking about Christian service, we SERVE. Instead of teaching about prayer, we PRAY. Instead of sharing about Christian Community we actively and intentionally work to BUILD community. Instead of telling our young people how special they are we SHOW them through special liturgical celebrations like Rite 13 Liturgy.

Beginning in September of 2015, Messiah’s 6th-9th graders will participate in Rite 13. Participants, accompanied by their parents, will have an opportunity to celebrate their Rite 13 Liturgy at some point over the next two years. This event is a rite of passage ceremony marking the transition from childhood to manhood/womanhood.

As they grow and mature, we hope to build on the Rite 13 foundation in coming years by offering these same young people J2A in grades 9-10 and Young Adults in the Church (YAC) in grades 11-12 while also continuing to invite young members to begin their Rite 13 journey when the time is right.